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Where the Roses Grow tank top

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Hand-painted cotton tank top


Q:  Can the clothes be washed?

A:  All of Kat's clothing line can be washed. Remember these are one-of-a-kind "Art-to-wear" pieces. They should be treated that way. That means wash them cool, no bleach products. When ironing, iron wrong side, especially if metallics are used on the clothing. If sheers are used in the applique, you can use a silk setting. The paint used is industry textile formulated as permanent.


Q:  Tell me about the T-shirts?

A:  Kat purchases the best quality shirts. They are known as Woman's cut. They are not thin and see through like a cheaper brand. They are also a woman's cut. That means they will fit a fuller figure from small to X Large. They accommodate for a fuller chest, hip and rear area because of the looser cut. They have 3/4 length sleeves to hide upper arm areas for an older woman. They are meant to be loose, not form fitting. To get the best fit, purchase based on the measurement, not your normal size. We are all different in various areas. 


Q:  How well to the painted T-shirts wash?

A:  I have found like a dream. This good quality holds up very well in washer and dryer. Because they are all cotton for the paint and dye, they may need a touch up with an iron. Iron on the wrong side. I love that fresh ironed smell. A finishing spray can be used if you want a crisper look. I wash cool, no bleach. They are designed for comfort. All cotton fabrics will fade over a period of time. That is what natural fibers do. I have washed my designs for many years, and if they did fade somewhat, they look even better. A great deal of love and care goes into each one by me.