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Southwest Sunset Jacket

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This is an original design by Kat.
Black denim jacket - Size L/XL
The original art is sewn and painted with great care and intention.

Materials: Vintage, Boy Style jacket, double-stitched, the side pocket is restyled with permanent textile painted Southwest symbolism. The front honors the bear. Painted and appliqued leather 

Hand-cut stencils, rough-cut fabrics are sealed, metallic paints for impact, one-of-a-kind wearable art signed piece, timeless.



Choose it, Wear it, Affirm it

Animal Quality: Bear: Awakened, Powerful, Opportunity



The bear is a powerful Native American animal. They are highly respected and ritualized in many tribes. This jacket allows you to feel that power each time you affirm and wear it. 


Material: The fabrics on the back of the jacket have been painstakingly found and manipulated to represent the iconic land shapes and sunsets of Arizona where I lived. Each textile - eco-strip of fabric, was crafted, appliqued then sewn in a sunset picture I view I have seen many times. The restyling fabrics are recycled from clothing saved. The rough-cut pieces are “non-frayed”, sealed to not ravel.