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Be The Light - Hand Painted, Sewn, & Designed Denim Jacket

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Denim jacket with hand-painted & sewn artwork.
One of a kind original art to wear!
Size: M (could work as a L as well for a slightly more fitted look)

1. Q: Will the rough-cut fabrics fray?
A: The fabrics with the frayed edges have been treated with a no-fray substance that stops that fraying process. That also makes them washable.

2. Q: Can the clothes be washed?
A: All of Kat's clothing line can be washed. Remember these are one-of-a-kind "Art-to-wear" pieces. They should be treated that way. That means wash them cool, no bleach products. When ironing, iron wrong side, especially if metallics are used on the clothing. If sheers are used in the applique, you can use a silk setting. The paint used is industry textile formulated as permanent.