Wild Hearted Women



As a young girl I've always had an interest in art - whether it was covering the kitchen cabinets with my mother's red lipstick or learning about different kinds of paints, mediums, and artists.  I've always found comfort in art, no matter the medium - my heart has always felt softer, stronger, and kinder after I've worked on something.  It's also not just about creating for me; I'm someone who is sentimental (sometimes to a fault!) and I find great strength and positive feelings from items like jewelry or pieces of art from travels.  Bestowing energies to these items and surrounding myself with them is like a power boost for me, reminding me every day I see these things or wear them that I have seen some more of the world and I can push myself to do and see more.  Sometimes these power boost a feeling for me, a symbol of confidence I feel I need to remember or a connection to feel the strength and love of someone who is no longer here with me.  Sometimes I just need to remember something even if it's sad and wearing something that belonged to a loved one is a way to connect to that memory.  It's a powerful and beautiful connection that can be made through different forms of artwork.  It's something I want to share with people, with you.






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Kat Cunningham has been a working artist and product designer for 55 years. Because she has lived all over the world, her themes and styles are reminiscent of her environments. Her influence comes from the Australian rainforest, the serenity of Bali, the oceans of California, Oregon, the island of Maui, the southwest of Arizona, Texas and now mountains of Colorado. What they all have in common is her intimate, spiritual connection to nature wherever she lives. This expansion of plant and wildlife interest can be seen in her one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and future home space collections. 
If you can think of a job containing art or design, artist Kat Cunningham has probably done it. Starting out in college her degree was Commercial Art. From there, in the 70’s, she grew into a designer and an owner of her advertising studio. Tight all day, she learned to relax with textile art. That opened a whole new world of design. Weaving, stitchery, dyeing and international textile design became her passion. Three teaching credentials later from H.S, vocational art and university, she was invited to take a vacation to Germany and serendipitously was offered a publishing job on vacation. One year grew to 6 where she published 2 magazines for the American Military families. Kat became a branding specialist and seminar leader, working and designing campaigns for international corporations. Back in the USA, she put her design ability into an event design and wedding theme business. Her growth led her to teaching the spiritual side and awareness for her love of nature. A move to Maui had her doing shows and representing other artists. With a full line of nature related products now, jewelry, clothing and home décor, she fit in with her next shift to Oregon for caretaking. There she ran seminars, taught art and painted everything for two stores showcasing her products for 13 years. Her home, hand-painted tile business also grew. When her family caretaking days were over, Kat needed to get back to her art roots and took a sabbatical in the Tambourine Mountain rainforest of Queensland, Australia. There she was reintroduced to her 70’s passion of textiles. While in Bali, she worked with the plant dyeing, Batiking and hand-painted fabrics for eco-dyeing. Her move to Austin led her to teaching textiles to adults with disabilities. She was again hooked on clothing redesign and now themes from nature where she had lived. Her work is now one-of-a-kind thematic seasonal collections with positive affirming sayings, representing her living experiences.