Of The Wild is a small for-profit social enterprise specializing in curating one-of-a-kind handmade art, jewelry, clothing and products. The objectives of this shop are simple, kind, and strong. The goals are to create a positive impact on communities.

The goals are to create a positive impact on communities.  Encouraging and supporting girls and women of all ages to find their passion, strength, and self-confidence for any and every aspect of their lives.  At the current time, Of The Wild is a small business.  The goal of this shop is to grow, not in a way of franchising but in reaching and connecting with other women and communities around the world. 

Of The Wild came from the idea of being Wild Hearted from the wild. Being Wild Hearted is you. It’s the energy within yourself, your individuality and the connections you make with others. Wild Hearted can mean so many different things to people. Being Wild Hearted is not just one thing. No one is just one thing. Of The Wild is a collaboration of that idea and that feeling with artists and creators who want to share some of their wild.