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The goals are to create a positive impact on communities.  Encouraging and supporting girls and women of all ages to find their passion, strength, and self-confidence for any and every aspect of their lives. 

Of The Wild is an intentionally curated shop that offers handmade products that are inspiring as well as beautiful, and gifts and specialty finds that enhance your life and elevate the everyday, allowing you to savor each and every moment.

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Michelle Elena

Owner, curator, & artist

An immense lover of art Michelle has strived to create an in-person and online community that welcomes all. Her intention to accomplish this is a daily effort that she enjoys pursuing. She continually ventures to create an environment that empowers, comforts, strengthens, brightens, and helps beautify the life and experiences of others.

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Are you one of the Wild Hearted?

Being Wild Hearted is you. It’s the energy within yourself, your individuality and the connections you make with others. It’s the desire to do and learn more, to share and connect, to be present in all of the good and sometimes the not so good parts of life. Wild Hearted can mean so many different things to people. It can be the idea of running out in a field of wildflowers or going out to a concert and feeling the music and energy there; it could be calmly sitting at home meditating or traveling and exploring the world. Being Wild Hearted is not just one thing. No one is just one thing. Of The Wild is a collaboration of that idea and that feeling with artists and creators who want to share some of their wild.